You can easily find a plenty of reliable video software online, but they can’t work like a professional software. You may feel that why good quality software isn’t available for free. Well there are some reasons mentioned below that can answer your question.

Not all videos are designed equally. If you have already spent some time viewing videos online and tried recording your own videos, you may have noticed that the videos are available in different digital formats. There are a plenty of formats available out of which mpeg, avi, wmv etc., are common.

What many people do not come to know is that each format is encoded in a different program known as a codec. Codecs are basically the packages that enable the different types of software to help you watch movies. Some of codecs are known to be patented. Each video software is created with the team efforts of programmers and a firm to back them. So, each creator of the software is supposed to pay some amount to the creator of codecs as a royalty to use the software technology.

When you try to download free software, you are inviting risk of 2 different types. The free software certainly would not be effective like a paid software as free software uses codecs that are free of royalty.

Secondly, the developers may try to avoid paying royalty fees and distribute the software illegally that uses some codecs subject to different royalties. Although downloading a free software may save money, you are simply wasting time in using illegal software and indirectly contributing to theft. Also free software won’t help you edit, convert or save different types of formats of video files.

You should buy a software package of high quality to edit, rip, convert and burn videos available in any format.