Are you going to have a hair follicle drug test? Are you worried about how to pass a hair sample drug test? Passing a drug test, especially when it tests your hair follicle is pretty easy. There are some simple and effective ways of passing a hair drug test. You can get a detox shampoo, too.

What is Hair Follicle Drug Test?

The hair follicle drug test has been designed for detecting long-term heavy drug users. Most common drug people take is marijuana to show up in the hair. As a matter of fact, it can be detected through hair for many months. The presence of marijuana or for that matter any other drug can be understood by a simple principle. The marijuana that you take is ingested by your body which then circulates through the bloodstream, saliva, urine, and thereby into the hair follicles. The drug metabolites that is deposited in the hair follicle is entrapped in your hair shaft as it grows out from the hair follicle. The average growth of hair is around 5 inches every month and the drug testing labs look for the toxic metabolites in the hair shaft.

How to Pass a Hair Sample Drug Test?

There are ways by which you will be able to pass a drug test. Some such means have been enumerated below.

  • You can stop taking the drug 100 days before the hair drug test.
  • If you are short of time then you can shave off the hair from head and body.
  • If you are unwilling to shave your head then you can use a detox shampoo to clean your hair of the drug.
  • You can also try stripping drug like THC with the help of a good home cleaning regime.

However, you need to be careful because several drug testing labs are aware of these methods and if they aren’t able to detect a 90 days sample then they might fail you in the drug test.