If you are new to this Neopets game then this guide will help you to get acquainted with all needs of the virtual pets.

Quick Glimpse

The Battledome: it is the place where pets fight with other challengers or pets.  In order to increase the efficacy of a gamers’ battledome weapon, a gamer must train their stats in order to get a higher boost.

There are many ways to increase a pet’s stats but the main objective of a gamer is to train their pets as frequently as possible at the training schools.  There are three training schools available in the world of Neopia.

Various Training Schools

Swashbuckling Academy

It is located on Krawk Island and it trains the virtual pets from level 1 to 40. It uses up dubloons for making payments. Thereby, making it as one of the cheapest modes of training a pet since the cost of a single dubloon is 2500-9000NP at the shop.

Secret Ninja Training School

This school is hidden in Mystery Island. This school only trains pet that has crossed level 250. It takes the help of red codestones that are usually obtained from Shop Wizard or from the Techo Mountain.

Why Buy Them?

Gamers can buy Neopoints from many reliable sites that sell Neopoints. With the help of neopoints you can purchase a wide range of items and materials. The items can also be used to decorate pets with clothes or customize a house in Neopets. The neopoints, can help you to buy brushes and many similar items.

Care should be taken in order to keep the Neopoints safe. For this, a bank account can be created. After the account is created, users can use a pin to keep the account safe. They should not share their pin with others. This will help them to keep their Neopoints safe.

It must be remembered that Neopoints must be purchased from reliable sites that are safe. They should provide fast and prompt delivery of the items.