The Pokémon Go lovers are excited with an introduction of a Legendary Pokémon Articuno has come up. Though the image is not real, game lovers have discovered that it is not a difficult task in the game to create a fake Pokémon. The players are finding new software, which helps them enhance their game as they want. Using the cheats for Pokemon Go, players find it easy to select the items they get from Pokestops.

Using the hack you can even receive backpacks and master balls. There are evidences where many players tried software designed for manipulation of images to get legendary Pokémon in the game. On the other hand, some players successfully made proxy servers that help them own their Pokémon Go servers and modify the data as they wish to.

The players who use this software also post the screenshots as evidence to prove how they used the software to enhance their game. The official page of proxy server displays that the game can be modified to an unbelievable extent.

However, changes made to proxy server are limited to the servers of the players only and has nothing to do with Niantic servers. Some people who use the tricks with the help of proxy servers are sending a message to the players that Pokémon like Ditto or any other legendary Pokémon are found easily and can be captured easily. Players should be alert before they decide on using these cheats or avoid using software, which can put them in trouble of getting banned.

People are using reliable cheats, but it is always better to play a real game. Eventually you get to learn the game and achieve success in the game through right means. Adopting instant tricks for quick improvement may put you in trouble.